Monday, April 5, 2010

When Cinta Jadi Love

When Cinta Jadi Love

What is cinta, my dear?
Cinta brings banyak makna, love.

When you sayang,
When you tak nak die hilang,
That's the time when love is cinta.

Time dia ada, you malu-malu.
Bila dia tak ade, you rindu.

Time dia disisi,
You purposely jual mahal
When he's kat overseas,
You worried tak pasal-pasal.

Bila he said 'I Suka You'
You thought 'It cant be true'
Bile he said 'I Miss You'
You replied 'I Miss You too'

When he called malam-malam buta,
You asked 'Girlfriend tak marah ker?'
So, he replied 'Girlfriend? Mana ade.'
You jawab 'Boleh percaya ker?'

Time nak hang up,
Dia pesan 'Mimpi I malam ni'
But, you just smile,
Hoping that he really in your dream nanti.

One day you and him hang out,
A 'date' as for you to call,
Dari semalam you still in doubt,
Thinking of apa nak pakai - only to the mall.

Masa hang out, he tried to pimpin your hand,
But you sengaja konon-konon not understand.
Masa tengok wayang, he bought a couple seat,
And so nice, on his shoulder you fell asleep.

Satu hari you alone kat playground,
That was in the evening, and you tgh main swing.
Suddenly, with a blue rose he came around,
Knee on the ground, 'Be my love?' He's asking.

As for you, jam macam stop ticking,
You look up, and perasan cam all the birds are singing,
You look at him, perasan his eyes are hoping,
Your lidah kelu and can just - nodding.

So, My love.
Now you know what is cinta?
Yes, My dear.
Now I know my cinta is you, selamanya.

When dia sayang,
When dia pun tak nak you hilang,
That's the time when love is cinta.
And,that's when cinta jadi love.

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